• great wide open performance, umass lowell

Monica Veth, Poutda Pech, Cheymony Fennell, Chantha Krouch, and Peter Veth, Great Wide Open

  • Resident Alien performance

Sara Thanongsinh, Poutda Pech, Channa Sath, Linda Uch, Sophy Leng, and Chummeng Soun, Resident Alien

  • Peter Veth, Choreographer, Dark City play

Choreographer Peter Veth, Dark City: Homage to Film Noir

  • Theater-SW-02.jpg

Monica Veth applies makeup to Sophy Leng as Indian Goddess Kali, Shadow Worlds

  • Family-First-Chan-FO.jpg

Chan Veth performing with the Flying Orb crew, Resident Alien

  • Theater-SW-01.jpg

Sophy Leng as Kali, Shadow Worlds

  • Theater-Nectar02.jpg

Sara Thanongsinh, Sophorl Ngin, Nadia Noeuk, Channa Sath, Rancia Phin, and Tim Sokhoeun, The Nectar of Immortality

  • Theater-Kambu-04.jpg

Tim Sokhoeun, Linda Uch, Monica Veth, and Cheymony Fennell, The Kingdom of Kambuja

  • Theater-NW-09.jpg

Sophy Leng, NetherWorld: A Fairy's Tale

  • Theater-MB-04.jpg

Chantha Krouch and Monica Veth, Memory Box

  • Theater-DC-03.jpg

Sophorl Ngin, Dark City: Homage to Film Noir

  • Theater-Kambu-08.jpg

Nadia Noeuk, Monica Veth, and Poutda Pech, The Kingdom of Kambuja

  • Theater-Nectar04.jpg

Tim Sokhoen, The Nectar of Immortality

  • Limheang Heng, Cambodian singer, Memory Box

Khmer Singer Limheang Heng, Memory Box