Flying Orb Productions was founded in 2005 by James Higgins and two principal dancers from the Angkor Dance Troupe, Monica Veth and Sophy Leng. Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, home to the 2nd largest Cambodian/American community in the country, Flying Orb's film and theater work deals with the legacy of America's war in Southeast Asia.

Below is a description of our current film under production, a desert noir titled The Saguaro Club, being filmed in Massachusetts, Southern California and Maricopa County, Arizona. It will be part of our upcoming multimedia show for 2024. Stay tuned!

Maricopa County, Arizona, circa 1995. Twenty years after the fall of Saigon and America’s withdrawal from Southeast Asia, Chanthy Oum, a survivor of both the Khmer Rouge and Netherworld, opens a small roadhouse restaurant southwest of Casa Grande. Called the Saguaro Club, the locals see Chanthy and her friends as blow-ins but with a twist. These are folks from places called Cambodia and Laos. And curious minds are asking, how did they get from there to here, and why the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Unless you got something to hide!