Linda Uch, actor in A Road Beyond


Flying Orb Productions was founded in 2005 by James Higgins and two principal dancers from the Angkor Dance Troupe, Monica Veth and Sophy Leng. Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, home to the 2nd largest Cambodian/American community in the country, Flying Orb's films and theater work deal with the legacy of America's war in Southeast Asia. From the beginning our motto has been “out of the darkness, into the light”. Performances are co-directed by Peter Veth and Jim Higgins.

Below is a description of our current project under production, A Road Beyond, being filmed in Massachusetts and Arizona.

“To preserve you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss.”— Communist Party of Kampuchea, 1975 - 1979

For SreyPov, escaping a Khmer Rouge labor camp was just the beginning of a long search for affirmation. The journey from refugee to immigrant to US citizen was suppose to bring the promise of security and a sense of belonging. Was it always an illusion? Now, fourteen years after leaving Cambodia, SreyPov leaves her isolated apartment for the open road and something more…